Saturday, 4 January 2014

I miss you b..

Yeay... dah jumpa balik email lame hihi..

B.. i miss you so much.. im wearing ur shirt right now :). U know how much i miss you... it's been a month now.. hmmmm 5months left. Omg.. that is a very tuff thing to do though.

But its okay.. i still wait for you no matter what it takes. U know that right.. hmm and now i want you to be safe. Take care of ur health. Eat alot.. miss me a lot. And work a lot.. so u won't remember me a lot. Hehe.. just like u want me to.

Hmmm i miss us so much..

And guess what??

I met your mom and dad.. hehe..
Finally.. i brave enough to meet them. Without u hoho.. see ... im a big girl now.. i can take care of myself.. :D

I only cry when my friend not around.. only when i miss you a lot.... but thats okay.. i can handle it..

Can't wait to see you in front of me again. I miss you.. take care baby.. i love you so much...

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